Other Things I Do…

TwitterFollow Me On Twitter

Twitter is where I’m most active. New blog alerts, Instagram pics and food all get posted there – it’s pretty much my go-to social media platform.

InstagramFollow Me on Instagram

Instagram is a close second and is probably my favorite app for the iPhone. Here you’ll mostly see my pups, my food and my doodles.

FlickrFollow Me on Flickr

My Flickr stream is growing. I’ve recently picked up photography as a hobby, mostly shooting with my DSLR and occasionally with my point & shoot.

FacebookFriend me on Facebook

I mean, you can try, but I’m very picky about who I friend there. I’m also not very active so don’t get your feelings hurt if I never respond to your request.

TumblrFollow Me on Tumblr

Tumblr is where I keep my inspiration for style and art. Lots of pin-ups, black metal artists, slutty nuns and vintage photography here. Not for the easily offended.

YouTubeWatch Me on YouTube

I haven’t updated anything on YouTube in ages. Hopefully I’ll fix that soon. I have a small backlog of stuff though that may be worth checking out.

PinterestFollow Me on Pinterest

I finally broke down and started this. Going to be posting some food, some review items and some style inspiration. Maybe some art, too? Maybe?

LinkedInFollow Me on LinkedIn

Outside of this amateur blog I’m still a professional and LinkedIn acts as my social resumé. Feel free to say hey if you’d like.

Check Me Out on Etsy

I had this brilliant idea once that people would buy my art. And some actually have! If you’re one of the weirdos that like a fellow weirdo’s attempts at street art-inspired paintings, check it out!


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