About this blog…

Version 1.0 of this blog, “Mr. Simpson’s Blog,” was started as a creative endeavor where I set out (and accomplished!) to write a haiku a day for 365 days. This allowed me to also share a lot of my other creative endeavors including photography, short fiction, graphic design, videography, and my famous (in my house, at least) cartoons.

Version 1.1 of this blog, “Mr. Simpson’s Blog: Silence” was a brief period of time after I completed my 365 day project where I rarely posted anything. It was a weird time in my life, a lot of changes were being made, and the few posts I made were usually food-related.

Version 2.0, “Mr. Simpson’s Blog: Art, Writing, Instagram, and Sometimes Food” celebrated the rebirth of a great thing and I began blogging regularly again with the subject usually being food I’d put together in my kitchen at home, sharing recipes I’d found and occasionally recipes I’d made myself. There was still some art being shared, usually in the form of paintings and the occasional digital doodle.

Version 3.0 “Beard Hair In My Coffee: Reveries by JTF” has taken yet another turn focusing primarily on my fitness goals, progress, and inspiration as well as occasional photography shares. In 2015 95% or more of my posts have been about getting fit and healthy. I run, box, lift weights, and eat well, all in an attempt to keep myself healthy and reserve my spot in Valhalla. Always hungry, always viking, always ready for Ragnarök.

Version 3.1 of this blog is really just version 3.0 with the addition of my portfolio in the navigation. Due to some difficulty with my actual website, I’ve decided to just convert my blog into my full-on portfolio site. Feel free to check out my graphics, photography, and videography work. Some dated, some more recent. I had a hand in on all of it, though.

Version 4.0 removes all fitness material since it’s been permanently housed at JTF Strong. Now the Reveries are, indeed, my actual reveries. Essays, conversations, photography, videography. Who knows what else, but primarily these.

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