About Me…


Beard Hair in My Coffee — more than a clever, if not off-putting, name. It’s a part of my day. Something I can count on. If you can start your day with something you can count on, your day is off to a pretty sweet start, I’d say.

In the morning, I’m into coffee, boxing, weightlifting and breakfast. I’m a rock-star NASM-certified Personal Trainer. When I leave the gym (which is rare), I turn into a Metadata Administrator for Nonlinear Video Operations for the nation’s largest lifestyle media company and the world’s most widely broadcasted network. I’m a big fan of eating lunch and wearing as little clothes as I can without catching a charge. At night, I’m all about training clients, cooking food and spinning records.

My fiancee Katie is a certified bad ass and the funniest, smartest person I’ve ever met in my life.

I have a Boston terrier named Mötley Brüe and  Pom-Chi named Ozzy Pawsbourne.

My favorite things include writing, photography, tattoos, Instagram, ska music, punk rock, Mexican food, pizza, De Stijl art, Pop art, the color black, clothes shopping, speaking into a microphone, boxing, weightlifting, hockey and cooking food for people I care about.

One comment

  1. Justin,

    I always liked talking to you at Northeast. We may not always see eye to eye on things, but you make people think with your ideals and ideas. I wish you the best on your endeavors, I can’t wait to read your blog or facebook and find out you have accomplished all your goals. I like some horror movies, no matter what…if you ever get your screen play made into a movie…Bob and I will go!!! :) Kiss your wife for me. I miss the ol’ days…but not Carriger – haha.

    Karen A. Tolliver


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