Man I’m about to bust out some hardcore heavy metal goodness sakes alive…Time sheets and desk lunches tending to put stuff in storage.  Go ahead and tell your wife that your clothing is going to be coming out of that closet and the chicken wings are lodged in your throat.  The black fades when you put them in the wrong load protect that bleach bleach bleach black bleach madness and explode.  Photography in the hands of people with cameras “hey you’re not a videographer just because you have a video camera” and please know the difference between videoing and filming that really pisses me off.  If you’re not shooting on film, you’re not filming shit.  Love God and Love People Love God and Love People Love God and Love People and if God is your TV then the people should be killed.  I’m a big shot conservative and I’m a straight white christian male, therefore you are underneath me and I will make the rules and I don’t care about your big news Rosa Parks business because I’m going to heaven and you’re not.  Take notes little children, Youtube will be down for a while and as long as Facebook is still up there’s not going to be anything productive going on today, no, no sir.  I downloaded a picture of a spleen but it doesn’t matter because I’m being avoided it seems.  I swear if I didn’t love life so much I would be a shut in and stay in with my wife and dog until I become old and gray and I crap in the floor for the humor of it but I do that already anyway.  It’s getting wild just like the wings and if I don’t have any connection with that side of my family why SHOULDN’T I change my last name to von Munster?  I think it would be rad and rad is my business — I was told that I was the dopest kid in camp by my friend but not my best friend because I’m married to my best friend and she wouldn’t say such a thing.  I can’t wait to get some ink soon and the plans are all falling into place with the rock’n’roll and dog’s blogs please stay with me and love God and love People that cracks me up…

I trained hard last night until I almost puked and my biceps are saying “thanks” today.  Give me some more water, where is the bathroom?  The cheese is old and moldy.  Also, nevermind that Rob Zombie / Alice Cooper show because it’s only going to be in Canada where nevermind isn’t underlined by spell check.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

“Love God, Love People”
Isn’t working out today
People kill me dead

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