So Erin and I are heading to Bristol when we get off work this evening to stay with her folks, fix her dad’s router, visit my grandparents, have lunch with my folks, buy some blue jeans and get started on my ska half sleeve. As stated earlier, I’m getting Rob Jarrett at 2 Ton in Kingsport to work on it for me. In case some of you haven’t seen before, blow I’ve posted the Rude Boy tattoo I got about 2 years ago on the back of my right arm. This is what I wanted to work around. Tomorrow I’ll post page one of the source images I’m wanting to try to use, Sunday even more, maybe even some on Monday and will post every time we get a little further in the process. Until then:

Ska Tattoo
Compliments, Justin Page, Ink Revolution 2008

And enjoy today’s haiku:

One: hole big as fist
Another with crotch tearing
New jeans this weekend!


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