I have to share this,

So apparently IFC is releasing a borderline torture porn flick called the Human Centipede (Full Sequence).  Gonna go ahead and say that I’m SUPER stoked about this film.  Written and directed by a guy named Tom Six, whom I’ve never heard of and is also writer and director of the films “I Love Dries,” “Honeyz,” and “Gay,” all of which I’ve also never  heard of.  Is this a reason to disregard this flick?  I…Think…Not.  First of all, check out this KILLER one sheet for the film:

Click to enlarge

What follows is the synopsis as per Bloody Disgusting:

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE is an unconventional – and medically accurate — biological horror film that enthusiastically explores territory that few filmmakers dare to tread. When two pretty American girls go on a road trip in Europe, they end up alone at night in Germany with a broken car in the woods. They search for help and find an isolated villa, and awake the next day to find themselves trapped in a terrifying makeshift basement hospital. Their captor is the internationally respected Siamese twin surgeon Dr. Josef Heiter with a demented vision for mankind’s future existence. Dr. Heiter wants to remove human beings’ kneecaps so they have to exist on all fours and then surgically graft them mouth-to-anus to form a centipede chain. But when his victims give him more trouble than he expects – including unwanted attention from the authorities – Dr. Heiter is forced to decide whether to abandon his latest project, or protect it from the outside world – with their and his very lives, if necessary.

Hardcore enough for ya? Well it should be…If not, I’ve also included the trailer for the flick…If you’re still not convinced, check out some of the stills Bloody Disgusting has compiled up until now. Also, you can surf around there and see some of the creepy ass drawings from the flick…Disturbing.

Bloody-Disgusting page for the Human Centipede can be found here.

Days till closing: 11

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I have eaten tons
It’s really no wonder that
I’m getting obese :-)*

*:-) doesn’t count as a syllable…for the record

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