It’s Friday, day 5 in the new script writing process.  Up until now, I’ve made it past the “target” page, but today I fell right on the dot, stopping at page 75.  Tomorrow will consist of a 15 page target, though I’ll have to be totally honest when I say that I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to hit the 90 page mark.  Up until today, I was afraid I was going to lean more toward the 120 page mark, but now that I’m at the end of the story, I’ve struggled with putting information into the script that doesn’t advance the script…and because of this fear, there’s a mega good chance that I’ll end up finishing just a tad bit before page 90.  Luckily, 80 is the minimum.  Not so much worried about the quantity as I am telling the story correctly.  We’ll see how that ends up.

Echoing yesterday’s post, I’ve gone ahead and play cast some of the bigger roles in the film.  Keep in mind that these are faces I see playing the characters I’ve developed, not the faces the characters were based on.  Enjoy:

Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the Killers as Ron Ottowold, secretary and report consultant for the Ridges Medical Hospital, main character and love interest of title character Laura.
Rainn Wilson as Rich Wonderlick, surgical unit IV supervisor, alcoholic and best friend of main character Ron.
Tommy Lee Jones as Doctor Speak, Medical Superintendent at the Ridges Medical Hospital and boss of main character Ron and friend Rich with heavy southern accent.
Tatiana Demaria, lead singer and guitar player for rock band TAT as Laura Cherry, the title character, love interest of main character Ron, unwilling girlfriend of Michael Stump, and costar at the Fish and Tits Strip Club.
Rutina Wesley as Sissy Peach, best friend of title character Laura, hook up buddy with Ian Fuchs and how Laura meets Ron. She has a strong attitude and is very outspoken and foul mouthed.
Tom Felton as Michael Stump, alcoholic, obsessive boyfriend of Laura and best friend of Randy.
Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes, lead singer and guitar player of Eagles of Death Metal as Randy, best friend of Michael, a scam artist and bad influence on Michael (like he needs one).
Jay Z as Chaz Pryous, leader of the Pryous, a crew of men who often take random strangers from the streets and kidnap them as specimens to be studied at the Ridges.
Brian Posehn as Ian Fuchs, owner of the Fish and Tits Strip Club. As long as everyone is on time and does their job, Ian is happy, however, he’s not a fan of Laura but his distaste for her is often made up for by his relationship with Sissy

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Friday…It’s day 5
And I’m one day away
From ending rough draft

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