“I have told you this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

-John 16:33

What a powerful statement. He has overcome the world. Taking more abuse, punishment, ridicule and mockery than any of us have or ever will endure, and still giving us a message of hope, love and forgiveness. Less than a month before I started writing this blog, I started reading my bible through (currently towards the end of Acts) and when I come across a verse or statement that jumps out at me, I write it down in my notebook. I don’t memorize them and I don’t reference them regularly in footnotes of sermons or cross reference them with other parts of the bible, but what I actually do use these verses for is for days when I need some uplifting. I just bust open my notebook and after reading 3 or 4 pages of hand-scribbled verse, I’m finally able to step back, breathe a little and then kick myself in the rear for being so upset about stupid things.

It’s too bad I don’t take this notebook with me everywhere I go, as I was close to throwing a tantrum at Moe’s today during lunch when I told the guy to double my order and that would be what Erin got (her’s was still being made) and we were shorted 1 queso and 1 drink, causing us to have to deal with the tenseness that accompanied our card being declined because the queso cost less than $1.00 then being made to feel like total crap when the guy just “let [us] have it.” I was about to let him have it. If it weren’t for the super cool singing guy who commented on my ska tattoos while I was making the second drink that we had to go back and pay for, I would have lost my cool.

Jesus has overcome death, the grave and the entire world. And I got mad about having to pay for queso and a diet Pepsi. Thank God I’m forgiven.

Look for some photos tomorrow. I played with the new lenses today, but didn’t bring the HDMI cord. Boo.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Rum, syrup, peaches
In a skillet with some nuts
Must be dessert time!

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