Thanks to an old friend of mine I adopted the phrase “The phone works both ways,” in response to folks who always want me to call them and stay in touch when they put forth no effort whatsoever to stay in touch with me. I can call and call and call but if you don’t answer I can’t talk to you and if you don’t call me I will lose interest to and you’ll be mad and I will have moved on. I have little time or tolerance for such things and while I try my hardest to get better at this, the fact remains that it simply isn’t happening. Not yet at least. We joke that I have no shame and I truly wish I didn’t but the truth is I still do but believe me, I’m trying. There’s no point in it. If I’m ashamed of what I’ve done or am doing then I had no business doing it in the first place. “As sure as God made black and white, what’s done in the dark will be brought to the light” as stated by my good friend Johnny Cash. Cash cash and more cash. Money is our God but I’m not worried about it anymore. My finances are in the hands of the Lord and he hasn’t let me down yet and never will. It’s too bad my family and friends don’t understand that. I think it’s because we’re too obsessed with routine, worry and security. I say “we’re” even though I’m not particularly obsessed with these things, but I’m sure I probably am in some way. It’s much easier to point out what others have done wrong, and that’s something else I’ve tried my hardest to defeat. I started 2 months ago when I threw away 6 porn DVDs and thus kicked another habit I was addicted to. Praise the Lord, the one who made me and has a grace that saves even the darkest of scoundrels even as dark as I am. That’s right, I’m a dark scoundrel and I’m not ashamed to admit it and it’s about time you came out into the light, too. If you don’t come out about it, no one can help you and you’ll live in a false world that breeds envy, lust, deceit and pure unfiltered evil but it isn’t up to me to tell you that, you’ve got to let it in. You’ve got to lose your pride, lose your shame, you’ve got to be up front and out there and less importantly, you’ve got to call me back because the phone works both ways and tonight my friend Scott Evil put that into practice. Thanks, man.

You’ll hate this:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

The steaks go on soon
And if I don’t finish this
Dinner will be late!

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