As promised, some photos of the art that was created this weekend. One of the reasons I decided to have this Pigeon Forge getaway was to get Erin back into painting. She’s always outshined this guy in the category of traditional art and I’ve loved so many things she’s painted / drawn / sculpted over the years. Heck, one of her paintings has graced a wall in every place we’ve lived over the last couple of years. This weekend she was back on it, starting on this killer portrait of our little fuzzy daughter, Ms. Trudikiss Baggins of the ‘Shire.

As for my painting, it’s goofy and dumb, but is based on a sketch of a monkey I’ve drawn about 4 or 5 times (Erin will probably say more). I’ve been trying to refine my cartooning skills and the shape of the monkey’s head was an awesome way to work myself into that style of drawing. With a blank canvas in front of me, all I could think about was that stupid monkey, so I put him on canvas. This is the first and only painting of mine that I consider to be any good, though Erin will insist that my Billy Witchdoctor Dot Com paintings I made in Color Theory a few years ago were good. They hit the bin. Enjoy:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

My toe feels broken
And all I did today was
Sit on my big butt

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