Someone found my blog today by searching for “I’m starting my diet today.”

And I am not. I hope they weren’t disappointed in the informative, educational and entertaining content that they came across on my blog, though!

I’m sitting in the office, looking out the window. I see nothing, as it’s night time and it’s completely dark outside. However, the sounds of sirens have filled the quietness of the night for so long and at such a volume that I’m surprised every dog in our subdivision isn’t freaking out because this dog certainly is. I look down, though, and I hear my own dog, sitting in my lap asleep, snoring. My family is stressed, only pretending to have faith, my job is driving me crazy and a minor financial setback last month has left me feeling poor, but I hear these little doggy snores in perfect harmony with Reel Big Fish’s “Dateless Losers” streaming from Erin’s iPod in the kitchen while she does God knows what. And suddenly I’m reminded of how good life (still) is.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Starting yesterday
I began reading a book
About Houdini

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