This afternoon I had a lady call me from an 828 area code. This means it was the area of North Carolina that Erin and I once lived. I figured it was election time stuff because Erin has received election style calls recently, though I could see her getting them more than me, but whatever. Turns out it was a woman who was having issues with submitting a claim with her Combined Insurance. I haven’t worked for Combined Insurance in a long time and made her aware of that fact, but even though I was no longer an employee, I felt the need to try to help the lady out. I described to her the envelope she probably got when the policy was sold to her and the magnet that was inside that included the phone number for policy holders who had questions. No dice – already tried it. So I had no choice but to apologize and hang up.

This made me feel terrible. I surfed through my contacts in my phone and email and found no one affiliated with Combined and can’t even find any proof that the place even existed in Hickory, NC online with the exception of the 500-ish job postings on Indeed and Career-builder, all for the Hickory, NC branch that apparently doesn’t have a phone number. In this case, it’s certainly better to need it and not have it than to have it and not need it.

Also, we’ll pay you if you’re sick…We’ll even pay you if you’re sick and tired, hows that? hahahahahahah! We’d go broke! Nah, seriously, we don’t do that…

I’ll end with this photo I took at the grocery store last night:

Dear Mr. Scott TP Man, you can tell me how soft your TP is, but unless there's a baby, a dog or a bear involved, I am not convinced

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Tuesday, 4:00
Tornado outside, knees hurt
Halloween candy

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