You know you’re lame when you and your wife are 25 years old and you’ve stayed up till midnight on a Friday night and your body feels like it did when you were in college when you were pulling an all-nighter, and I’m talking the 7am drive back to school. Tonight, I am lame. We did, however, finish up some more Halloween stuff, including my mask for tomorrow, my osculating fan-powered Grim Reaper, my “I’d Turn Back Now” sign and our pumpkins. I’m going to go ahead and admit, that even as an avid fan of Halloween, I have never carved a pumpkin myself before, so taking on this Herman Munster design was more than challenging for my unskilled hand. As for my poor wife…Well you can see how well her creative ass did on her Freddy Kreuger!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Justin’s old camera
major league wussed out on me
SD Card too fast…

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