Before I get into the meat of this blog, I want to complain for about a paragraph or so…Here goes:

It’s no secret how much Erin and I love Halloween and always have. Anyone who has ever visited us knows that we decorate year-round and we didn’t hold anything back this year as it was our first Halloween in our first house. Headstones were placed, bones were scattered, two zombies were coming out of the ground, the Grim Reaper was posted up on the porch, a young gentleman’s skeleton was hanging from a metal pole, birds feeding on his brains, the front door and porch: a crime scene. We made a lot of decor, we bought even more decor. Party City, Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express racked up a ton of money just from the Simpson family alone. These stores are expected to put their Halloween stuff up for 1/2 price on November 1st, which happens to be today. While they did, other stores, including literally every store in the West Town Mall, that once had Halloween goodies and should have it for discounted prices today…Had none. It’s all Christmas. CHRISTMAS? Seriously? Michael’s craft store had a lot of their Halloween stuff discounted 3 weeks before Halloween and were already breaking out all of their Christmas stuff…Hobby Lobby has 1/4 of their store as Christmas year round and Halloween got half an aisle, sharing with the ugly, stupid fall-thanksgiving crap. And it seems it’s gotten worse in the last few years, Halloween continually being pushed out and overpowered by Christmas. Ya know, Christmas is great and everything, but if it’s some kind of religious influenced conspiracy, I may explode soon.

Speaking of our Halloween goodies, here’s a video I made with some of our decorations:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I cannot believe
That we went to Mr. K’s
And I bought something

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