“Massive ass bust” comes the voice from the kitchen. The wife of the blog writer is apparently upset with the actions and behavior of the couple’s dog. She was a mere 6 pounds with the energy of a Tasmanian devil from time to time and the curiosity of a young kitty and an 8 year old boy combined. Sticking nose to the floor and eating whatever stuck to it, clawing and spinning in the bed, “feathering the nest” as we say, squeaking her stuffingless toy underneath the bed while we watch TV at night. I love that dog and so does she. But she’s still getting a “massive ass bust” by the end of the night.

My wife said her husband makes “oaf” noises, whatever that means.

Oaf [ohf]

  1. a clumsy, stupid person; lout.
  2. a simpleton; dunce; blockhead
  3. Archaic .
    1. a deformed or mentally deficient child.
    2. a changeling

Here it is:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Greasy cheeseburger
Followed immediately
By a good night’s sleep

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