I’m a few days behind at posting this.  If my blog = neglected blog, and neglected blog = neglected, where does that leave me and my poor blog?

Either way, here’s a new painting I knocked out over the weekend, “Savior.”  Several shades of acrylic paint on canvas + flat black spray paint.  Stencil was created in Photoshop from a stock image, printed, traced onto stencil material and cut out (painfully) with an electric stencil cutter.  $80 + shipping if you’re interested.

“Savior,” is a pretty meaningful piece – encompassing a lot of my feelings and emotions into a rectangular piece of garbage.  Going from top to bottom, random, rubbish-type strokes of all colors, lengths, weights, and aggressions representing my life and outlook before Christ.  His blood is spilled across my old life, and now shoot in much neater, though not perfect, and often ugly, rays of color.

Enjoy – buy – or tell someone else to buy:


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