Woe to the Inhabiters

Without sounding like complainy-pants, I’ll start out by saying that over the last year and a half or so, I have started to feel like my skills were getting stale – that maybe I was “losing” it because I’m not “using” it, at least to its full potential. I was starting to feel like graphics work was starting to be just a passing phase in my life because I was beginning to be convinced that maybe I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Luckily that is not the case, however! I have re-discovered my passion for graphic design work, and I can thank a couple of bands for that:

First of all, a lovable band that is saving the world one note at a time simply because they play Ska – The Beat Officers, of Nashville, TN. I have blogged about them in the past and if you’re a follower of this silly blog, you’ll remember them as the bad-ass, girl-fronted, no BS ska band that opened for Reel Big Fish at the Exit/In last year. They’ve been in the studio recently, ironing out some tracks for (hopefully) near-future release. Until they have some of the nicely-polished tracks and to get a good feel for them, check out their Facebook Page and listen to their cover of the Specials’ “Little Bitch” (one of my favorite ska songs). The work I’ve done for them was designed with t-shirts in mind, and since I’ve not been made aware of whether or not they’re going to actually use any of my designs, I’m not going to share any of the designs just yet – just know that The Beat Officers are totally rad!

What I am going to share, though, is this logo I made for some Tri-Cities natives. Recently formed, yet already showing promise of standing strong in their genre (Christian Hardcore), a good friend of mine has started Woe to the Inhabiters, a three piece hardcore madhouse that praises the name of the Most High. They contacted me with hopes of having logo designed that would encompass their sound and presence and were pretty happy with what I was able to crank out for them. They also do not have anything recorded yet, but I have included some videos that take the viewer deep into the realms of brutality while the band covers some of their first practice sessions. Please check them out, “like” them on Facebook (same for the Beat Officers) and be ready for some mega rawk!

Again – thanks for reminding me that I love what I do.

Here’s Woe to the Inhabiters’ logo:

Click to Enlarge

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