Biff! Bam! Boom!

Following on the heels of the super busy art day yesterday morning / afternoon, I arrived back at the house with just enough time to finish up another piece, get photos of it loaded onto, My Etsy Store, Always Coming Soon’s Facebook Page and announce their arrival via Twitter.

These babies are 12″x4″ and were inspired by a recent trip to a comic convention in town where I saw a very odd painting of an Adam West-era Batman (artist I cannot remember – therefore no link – though I realize I’m on a hyperlink rampage right now). The canvases were painted with a combination of acrylic paint, spray paint and used multiple found objects to create patterns. The lettering was created by using random characters from a pretty sweet leather font stencil set I picked up on clearance at Michael’s craft store in Kingsport a few weeks ago. I hope you dig.

We’re going $75.00 + shipping and these can be bought at my Etsy store.

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