PAINTING: Nun (disambiguation)

I’ve done this before, so it should be no surprise I’m doing it again – this post is a direct rip from the identical post made at

Leaning more toward the edgier side of my art, I give you “Nun (Disambiguation)”. She’s painted on a 16″x20″ canvas with a triple-layered stencil that was designed in Photoshop, transferred to a stencil blank and hand-cut. Finally, everything was applied with 100% Montana Black Spray Paints.

When the nuns are taking extreme action, the world is in for a struggle they’ll never be fully prepared for. Beautiful, topless and packing heat, this nun is taking no guff from the world and fears no fury from Hell – she IS fury from Hell.

$100 + Shipping

Can be found in my Etsy store.

And since it’s been a long while since a video, here’s how I made it:

One comment

  1. Awesome! Great layering and coloring. Always fun to watch the making of video.

    Pretty sure this is just further proof you and your wife should do Triple M. : )


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