Take Your Traditional Thanksgiving and Stuff It – Turkey Italian Sausage Dogs

First off, let me just say that on Thanksgiving – a day made for food photos – I have seen some incredible food in my blog reader, Facebook feed and Instagram feed. Almost makes me yearn for a more traditional Thanksgiving, but not quite.

“More traditional?” you ask? Yes, typically Erin and I throw down some ground turkey with taco seasonings, cut up some lettuce, tomato and onion, fire up some refried beans and Spanish rice all rolled up into a whole-wheat tortilla and you have Thanksgiving turkey tacos, a yearly tradition for us…

…But then we broke that tradition, too.

Yep, last night, instead of filling our gullets with a roasted / fried / smoked / baked turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and pretzel salad, we got down on something a bit different, yet still Thanksgiving-Approved. I grilled some turkey Italian sausages, put them on some whole-wheat dog buns with spicy brown mustard and topped them off with some grilled onions and red bell peppers!

Not enough? That’s what I thought, too. I put together some twice-baked potatoes stuffed with butter, cheese and sour cream (no bacon – long, sad story) and green onions. Heavenly, brothers and sisters.


We finished everything with a scoop of my wife’s delicious “Lust Cake” though I don’t have photos of that just yet. Maybe tomorrow?

I didn’t really get the recipe for these items from anywhere in particular, so to celebrate Thanksgiving, show some love to your mom – your first food blogger!

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