A Visit from the GAC Food Truck

If you follow me on Twitter (@Justintfirefly) you already know that I’ve been working on getting my blood pressure down to a reasonable level. I’ve gotten back on my exercise routine (roughly 250 minutes per week) and drastically changed my diet. So how’s it working? Well, my blood pressure has gone from “Stage 2 Hypertension” to “Normal” in 4 days. I’ve lost 10lbs in 1 week.

With the changed diet comes some seriously boring food. I was depressed about it because I love sexy food so much and I went so far as to state that I was going to give my #foodPorn posts a rest and if I did post something about food I wasn’t even going to use the food tags. I was being a baby. And I still am.

So anyway, I stuck to it 100% for seven days and to me that’s good enough to earn a good “outside of the plan” meal and today was a great day for that. One of our many brands Great American Country (GAC) sent their food truck our way at work this afternoon for a lunch that was a nice change, a good re-living of last summer’s food trucks, and a way to support a great cause as the company were matching proceeds from truck sales up to $5,000 as donation to tornado relief in Oklahoma.

I checked out their menu last week and was already pretty excited about some of the choices: “Soggy Bottom” Chicken and Waffles with sweet/spicy syrup, the “Honky Tonk” Hot Dog grilled and topped with Mac & Cheese, “Island” Grilled Chicken with coconut rice and Pineapple Salsa, orders of 3 sliders that include the “Red, White and Blue” (bleu Cheese and Bacon), “Ropes and Reins” (Fried Pickles and Ranch), “Heartburn Highway” (Jalapeño and Pimento Cheese) and “Beer Money” (pickles and house-made Yazoo Beer Mustard) and a variety of sides that include potato salad, grilled corn on the cob and fried pickles – please forgive me for not remembering the country music-related names for these! I had decided about five days ago that I was getting the “Heartburn Highway” and I stuck with that.

Good decision, Mr. Simpson. The sliders were grilled to perfection – about an inch thick, pink in the middle and slightly charred on the outside. The Pimento cheese was savory and a little spicy and the Jalapeños were mouth-scorchers. Each came with a small tomato (I got two because I robbed a co-worker of his) and a quick drizzle of ketchup. I can’t believe how perfect these were.

In addition to the great food we were treated to a nice gift bag with a bottle of GAC Summer BBQ sauce and a visit (and performance) from soon-to-be TV famous family the Willis Clan for lunch time entertainment.

Enough talky – here’s the photos


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