FNKitchen Chef’s Burger Special, Week 7, AKA Burger Fail / Burger Win Pt. 1

The Food Network Kitchen at work is almost always on it. Almost.

The weekly Chef’s Burger Special has been consistently on the mark for the last six weeks. And while I’m not saying week 7 was a failure, it certainly didn’t reach the standard of its predecessors.

Week 7 brought us the Pita Burger; a juicy, grilled to order hamburger topped with tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese, lettuce, an onion-y/olive-y relish and a greek yogurt-style sauce sandwiched sloppily between two halves of pita. Not really bad except I don’t like raw onions or olives and what we were served looked nothing at all like what was presented in the monthly menu: a thick burger stuffed into a still-whole pita pocket with tomatoes, feta and arugula.

Ultimately my distaste for this burger was my own fault. Regardless, no amount of pita and Mello Yellow could drown out the onion breath I had afterward (later finally extinguished by a “fun size” Twix from the department candy bowl). For the first time I left burger special day wanting and disappointed.

Never fear, though, as next week features a classic Mushroom / Swiss burger. I’m sure they’ll make up for this week’s sloppy mess with an equally sloppy, yet more delicious mess when they hand over a box of mushroom swiss goodness next week!

Either way, here’s how it went down for myself and the usual suspects:


And from Allison (dat sexy cheese shot omigawd):

And from J-Lo


But hey – not all was lost. I saved the burger day later that evening. I’ll post that here when I get it written up.

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