1416 Does (Halloween) Again

Halloween is a pretty big deal in the Simpson residence. When we started out living in an apartment in quiet little Morganton, NC we began our Halloween decor collection – a plug-in jack-o-lantern, some caution tape for the door, a few bloody hand prints, black roses, “bleeding” candles and our long-standing favorite, “The Doctor” – a nearly 6 foot tall skeleton dressed in blood-stained scrubs and a cap with a mirror and a head that glows various colors by an LED lodged within his skull.

In the years since we’ve gained a closet full of spider webs, bones, various heads, full-sized skeletons, strobe lights, tombstones, groundbreakers and fog machines, turning our house in the ‘Shire into a real sight to see on October 31 and bringing more trick-or-treaters to our door than I’ve had my entire life. We’ve also gotten into other Halloween festivities such as hitting up the Knoxville Horror Film Fest and various Halloween parties in the days leading up to the great night (2 parties this year, one featuring Zombie Gut Punch by my favorite Classy Ladies and hosts of the superb television show Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia from one of our fine networks, Cooking Channel).

This year the trick-or-treaters came out strong again, though not as high a number as I was hoping for and not quite our record (record is 20, we had 15 this year) but enough to clear out 1-1/2 of our 2 candy bowls and make us feel as though our effort was worth it as each visitor commented about how “awesome” our house was. Thus far, each year we’ve lived in our house we have been told ours is “the best” – now whether they mean “In the neighborhood” or “that they’d ever seen” is a mystery but a compliment either way.

Yep, most of you know that Erin and I don’t care much for children and have no desire to have any of the little satanists of our own. But on Halloween it’s different. We want them to come to the house and take candy from us. We want them to see adults making the most of and enjoying this great holiday with hopes of it sticking with at least one of them in a way that makes them want to celebrate it until they are old and gray, very much like Erin and I intend to do. So with that, it was great to see all of the variations of Iron Man, witches, zombie nerds and vampires out there – heck this year there was even a little girl dressed as one of my favorite characters of all time, Wednesday Addams, complete with headless Marie Antoinette doll.

I’ve posted all of our Halloween photos at my Flickr page but here are a select few:

For the parties this year Erin and I put a little effort into costumes: Erin was Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (later “Babe Lincoln” after a few cups of Zombie Gut Punch) and I was Pavi Largo from the great film Repo! The Genetic Opera. Some of those photos are also in the above Flickr link but here’s what we posted to Instagram:




Finally, a day we enjoy probably more than Halloween itself is November 1, famous for Halloween stores’ half-off deals and clearance action at department stores! Feeling particularly aggressive this year we were at Target for their 8am opening, hit a Kroger in west Knox and headed out to Cleveland, TN (about an hour drive) for the opening of Spirit Halloween (unfortunately the closest Spirit to us) where we loaded up on masks, costumes, wigs, spot lights, a zombie garden gnome and other things which included a great hat for Murray. We ended our day with a trip to the shoddy Halloween store in Knoxville this year, Halloween City, for a limited pick-up (and a crap deal – only 30% off?) and one more stop at a different Target. While I didn’t feel like we had any “good finds” like we’ve had in the last couple of years, we certainly did have a full back seat by the end of the day



This is post 2 of my very first time participating in NaBloPoMo, a “Blog a Day” project for the month of November.

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