Write Your Regrets: Road Rage

This is a [quick write] writing prompt from SoulPancake and can be found here. I highly recommend you check out SoulPancake, buy their book and share your input on the site!

In 100 Words or Less, Write an Apology to Someone You’ve Treated Really Poorly.

Dear Old Man in the O’Charley’s Parking Lot,

While pulling out from the southwest end of the parking lot of O’Charley’s in Turkey Creek I nearly ran into you. There were very big cars parked along the west end of the building and that made it hard for me to see you and for that, I’m very sorry. I was upset with you, however, when I realized you didn’t even bother to look my way as you sped through the parking lot. And while this proved to me you suck as a driver, I’m still extremely sorry for the bird I flipped you at the stop sign.

With all due respect and encouragement to take a driving class,


This is post 10 of my very first time participating in NaBloPoMo, a “Blog a Day” project for the month of November.

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