Reboot Day 8 – AKA “Halfway Plus”

So here’s something awesome: Today was my third day of the “reboot” consisting of juice-only, day 8 during this entire reboot, and…

…when I stepped on the scales this morning I had gained more weight. I emphasize more because I gained weight when I weighed on Monday morning, too. I’m up 2 lbs total and I have no idea why. It’s prompted me to go on a rampage of rants throughout the day about how I’m somehow gaining weight drinking pure vegetable/fruit juice; how we’re telling growing kids to eat their fruit and veggies so they can become fat asses despite their efforts.

A little over-dramatic? I’d say so, but I’ve been a baby throughout this entire endeavor so far so why not just go for it?

Today hasn’t been terrible. Most of the juices have been pretty good and as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve grown to tolerate the “Mean Green” – note that I said tolerate, not enjoy – and the coconut water. Afternoon snack today was a delicious pineapple lemonade that, as I told my friend Allison today, was “sour as shit”. Wouldn’t mind getting down on that one again.

Erin was working on school work tonight so I took the responsibility of prepping the juices for tomorrow (usually we work as a team) and I have to say that even though I have a negative attitude about the whole thing, missing being able to cook and eat the food I want and realizing that there’s a chance I won’t be cooking like I used to again, it felt good to be going solo in the kitchen again, cutting up fruits and vegetables and getting them ready to juice. I like working with E in the kitchen together but that mindless kitchen work is sometimes what I need to get my mind off of stuff for a while. It felt goodman.

Today wouldn’t be complete without a few cravings. Today has been $5 Little Caesar’s pizza and crazy bread, in the last 30 minutes or so Kung Pao chicken and from earlier today pecan pie. Bring on the splurge, plz. thx.

7 days remain.

Today (Day Eight)

Feeling: Half. My mental well-being is on the fritz right now for reasons I’m not quite ready to blog about. Physically I’m doing very well.
Mood: See above. Apathetic, indifferent.
Weight: 253 lbs
Blood Pressure: 125/80
Feelings Toward Joe: I want to grab him by the collar and shake him until he admits that as a fat guy he didn’t automatically enjoy shit like raw red cabbage.

Tea time is fast approaching. Here’s to hoping I wake up on the negative side of 253 in the morning.

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