April 3 is Getting Closer, Y’all…

Well, it’s Wednesday.

On January 1, I decided it would be a good idea to actually track my progress and measurements so I could better follow along with my health and fitness instead of randomly checking it from time to time. I recorded:

  1. My weight: Even though my weight is no longer much of a concern, I’d still like to drop another 5-10 pounds, maybe by this summer. No real reason, just a goal to achieve.
  2. The circumference of my arms, thighs, and waist: This year I’ve decided to take weight training more seriously and as much as I hate to say it, I’m looking to add some gainz.
  3. My three body fat percentage check points (measured with a caliper) and the total, overall body fat percentage it equalled out to: though, to be clear, I realize that body fat percentage measurements are about as valid as your BMI and are quite difficult to accurately measure. Keeping this in mind, I’m using the chart that came with my caliper and I record the percentage it gives me, then when I go to Title, I use their digital body fat percentage calculator and record that number, then consider my actual body fat percentage the average of the two.
  4. My blood pressure: Mainly because this was the first of many things that got me into the health mess I was in to begin with.
  5. My fasting glucose level: This was the number that freaked me out the worst on the physical I got a couple of years ago – the wake up call, if you will.

I’m honest enough to admit that I’m nowhere near disciplined enough to record these daily, nor am I even willing to do it weekly. Monthly, however, seemed doable, so on the first day of every month, I get down to measuring. I was all excited to finally share some of this in the blog this week because I’ve built a handy dandy spreadsheet that builds out some fun charts based on my weigh-in day input so I can actually see my progress but…Since I only have 3 months worth of information, even the slightest change looks intense. Since I somehow gained a pound in the month of February, my graph looked like I had gained 10. So I’m just going to keep those to myself until April 1 just so it makes me look a little better. No shame, here.

April 1 is going to be two days before the Covenant Health Half Marathon. That’s 32 days from now. According to my original training plan, I would be about to start my tapering for this week’s long run but I have failed miserably in the “staying on the plan” front. I have a massive list of excuses that range from visiting in-laws, to snow and ice, to just being too lazy to get up and go. I suffered the set back in December and, to be honest, I really just don’t think I ever truly recovered motivation-wise.

This doesn’t change the fact that the race is still happening. I’ve already coughed up the dough and my name is on the list. I just have to show up and make it happen, for better or for worse. I was a little encouraged when a coworker told me recently when he ran his half last year, the longest run he’d ever completed was 7 miles. I’ve ran 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, and even 9 miles before, so if he can run 13.1 with a 7 mile distance PR, then I can certainly make it happen with a 9 miler under my belt.

This won’t mean much to non-Knoxville folks, but Covenant Health finally finalized the route for this year’s half and sent it out to us today. Here’s what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.12.52 PM

So even though I’m really as ready right now as I’m going to be for this race, I’m still going to try to get in a few longer runs in before the big day. And to up my desire to get out there, I finally got around to picking up some new running shoes for the occasion:

These are OMNI 14s by Saucony and they feel great on my feet. A bit lighter with a little less “support” than the Brooks running shoes I had previously (and worn a big hole in the toe in). Silly how snazzy new shoes will motivate you to use them like they do. While in the store, I also thumbed through the basket of race stickers and found a 13.1 sticker I’m planning to get the day after I finish my race:


So while I’m putting the old Brooks to rest, I still went out twice last week for a few last miles while I had them. A quick mile after my Friday morning Power Hour at Title Boxing Club, and a rather brief run on Sunday morning just down a semi-busy city street.

This street I ran down has many super Richie Rich neighborhoods connected to it, some with sidewalks. When I approached one that went up a steady hill, I decided to go for it just to get that little bit of hill work in on an otherwise level trail. I kept a steady pace as I climbed…And climbed…and climbed…I saw the top of the hill was near so I just kept going, not bothering to see how long the hill was. When I got to the top, I was huffing and puffing like an out of shape smoker but I had definitely conquered the hill and I took a few brief seconds to catch my breath and to enjoy the view this vantage point gave me of West Knoxville. I began going back down the hill, this time taking care to measure exactly how far up this hill I went.

Turns out it was a quarter mile up. Which is a bitch of an uphill run. Later, when I was checking my Runtastic stats, it turns out this quarter mile hill achieved an increase in elevation of 200+ feet! It’s no wonder it killed me like it did, and even less wonder why I cut my run short before hitting 3 miles!

Running sucks, y’all.

Anyway, here’s what we’re looking like going into March. I’m still keeping up my 4-5 times per week at Title in addition to a new weight lifting routine, but if I don’t get off my butt on non-gym days and get in some miles, my 350 mile yearly goal is going to get missed…Again.

Last Week

Mileage 3.5 Miles (5.63km)
Avg. Pace 10:37/mile (6:35/km)

2016 Running

Runtastic Runs (1/01-Present) 35.18 Miles
Total YTD Mileage 35.18 Miles

Miles Left Until 2016 Goal (350 Miles): 314.82

I’m going to end on this photo of our dining room table Sunday night just because it looks cool. In an attempt to help Erin with her health goals (and to push me to eat cleaner) we’re going full-on lunch meal prep party on Sundays. Meal prep and chill, anyone?


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