Friday Fitness Finds 5/19

This week’s stuff to read post comes at a pretty great time because I’m currently working on some of my own stuff you should read in the form of a six-part meal prepping series. I’ve had several people asking me about how I meal prep and how they can get started, etc. over the last few weeks and I figured it was about time I just write it all down so everyone can reference it. Sundays are meal prep day, so look for the first post to come on Sunday. I’m going to start with finding an eating philosophy you can stick with, then progress on to determining how many calories you should be eating, finding good food to eat, making grocery lists, not wasting your time on meal prep day and other things I think are good ideas or wastes of time. It may be earth shattering or it may fall into the void with other posts by personal trainers with invalid opinions.

I’ll let you be the judge.

Here’s this week’s stuff:

My Absurd Quest for a Coachella-Ready Body by Nate Dern from Outside
This is just silly but it’s worth a read. Definitely fitness-related, though not in the way you’re expecting. The author here talks about a strange phenomenon of gaining a Coachella-ready body by attending a group fitness class designed to deliver just that. It’s an amusing read but it’s also a nice statement on aesthetics that can be applied to any fitness program.

The 8 Worst Healthy Cooking Mistakes from Livestrong
I normally hate lists like these because they’re never — NEVER — 100% accurate for everyone. If something says “always,” or “never,” then maybe stop reading it because it’s probably going to be misleading. This is even true on this very list but I think it covers some pretty common mistakes first-timers make when trying to clean up their diets.

Lifting Big & Eating Big: Not Just for the Boys by Dana McMahan from Lift Big Eat Big
Erin passed me this one this week. There’s a common misconception that women shouldn’t lift weights and if they do they shouldn’t lift heavy ones. The fear is they’ll swell up and become like the women they see on TV competing in physique competitions. If your goal is to become a physique competitor and get big, you certainly can, but there’s way more to that than simply lifting heavy weights. Lifting is empowering and it can shape your body in ways that running and other similar workouts can never do. So put some weights up on the bar, get in a few reps and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Large Lifts, Small Shorts from Lift Big Eat Big
This isn’t an essay or article or editorial. It’s just a tank top that someone reading this should buy me. Size large, please.

Why Paleo is Just Another Diet by Joe Nissim from Roman Fitness Systems
Like I said, this week I’m going to start a weekly post about meal prepping that I’m starting with finding an eating philosophy. In that post I’m going to talk about checking out the different philosophies and determining which one is right for you, learning its rules and then breaking them. I follow a Paleo-ish diet but I’m not strict about it. I don’t think any diet should be. This article does a pretty good job of breaking down how Paleo does have benefits but at the end of the day it’s just another diet.

The Best Way to Ease Sore Muscles by John Romaniello from Roman Fitness Systems
DOMS suck. And you’re not immune to them no matter what condition you’re in. When the DOMS hit we want to take it easy, maybe stretch them out, maybe feel sorry for ourselves, but John explains why active recovery is the best way to fight DOMS and be on your way to recovery faster than ever and I think he makes a lot of sense.

Music to Lift Heavy To

I’ve been a fan of Wednesday 13 for years now but am kind of on-again, of-again with his music. Sometimes I think he’s trying too hard, other times I think he’s the perfect mixture of party, horror and punk rock. It seems as though he’s going a little darker now with his upcoming record Condolences coming out on June 2. This is the single he’s released from it to gain some hype and personally I think it’s working.

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