Friday Fitness Finds 6/2

June is happening as we speak and in just a few weeks it’s going to be Father’s Day. I know this because I’ve already asked my mom for help on what kind of gift I need to be looking for and I’m getting a ton of emails from websites I follow. I often look through those emails and come to the conclusion that my dad doesn’t like anything because he’d never actually like any of the shit they’re trying to sell me. But that’s just the thing — they’re not trying to give me actual Father’s Day ideas — they’re trying to sell ME shit.

All the drones and cameras and wine delivery services and knife sets and skillets and kitchen towels and craft beers and Super Mario puzzles and food storage containers and solid colognes say they’re for dad.

They’re not. Not for mine, at least.

Being a dad must be hard.

Anyway. I found a few non-dad things this week. Here they are:

  • A-Side Meal Prepping pt. 2 by me
    If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know that I’ve been writing a lot about meal prepping lately. If you’ve not been keeping up, now’s a good time to catch up before the third post comes out later this week. In part 2 I talk about figuring out how many calories you should eat and what those calories should be made up of (mostly).
  • Paleo Peach Pancakes with Bacon by What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today
    I mostly follow this blog because their photography is amazing. They’ve either got the best natural lighting on the planet or they’re just really really good at faking it. Either way, their food looks good always and this recipe is fully Paleo-friendly. I’d kind of like to make it for dinner tonight.
  • The Monday Mindset by John Romaniello via Roman Fitness Systems
    Roman is back again with a great post on motivation and the curse of “starting on Monday.” If you’re not willing to go today, you won’t be ready to go on Monday. This goes for your diet, your workout, your marriage, your job — all things life. If it’s mid-week and you’re down on yourself, vowing to start brand new on Monday, read this and re-consider your attitude.
  • Flex Comics
    Nothing specific to see here, just a lot of cool shit from a cool company. They’re currently running a pretty rad special where you get some free add-ons if you spend enough dough. I’ve had my eye on those Deadpool leggings since before they even came out. If you’re into geek culture and you sometimes pick up heavy things, you need to check this out.

Music to Lift Heavy To

I guess this will be the last time I post music to lift heavy to. I think starting next week I’ll start posting Music to Run Fast-ish To.

I had a draft of this ready to publish that said I hadn’t heard anything new worth lifting to but this morning I heard something that not only could I lift to but I could also run to…Or cook to…Or clean to…Or drive to…Or just sit and headbang to. It appears as though Mutoid Man has been around for a little bit but today we were introduced. Their most-recent effort War Moans was released today and gods bless America this shit is GOOD. Check out this rad track from the new record and go pick up something heavy.

I’ve listened to a lot of good new music this week but little of it is worth lifting heavy to. The main offender is Zeal and Ardor. A bit of black metal, death metal, soul, EDM, hip-hop, Delta blues and spirituals all thrown into one. In a word: RAD. Here’s their not-heavy track Devil is Fine.

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