Candy Apples and Razor Blades — Remembering Halloween 2021

Taking a short break from the JTF’s HS Jams Review series (there are only two more to go and I have the next one in the can as we speak) to bring you a quick Halloween update because that’s just what I do.

Or what we do, I should say.

I’m not really sure how I got so lucky but I somehow landed a woman who makes couples’ costumes a blast. With our wedding merely a year away and unwilling to go into debt just to exchange nuptials, Katie and I are saving as much as we can until our big day. This meant not going hog wild with our Halloween costumes. Each having our own businesses and me having a full-time job on top of that, finding the time to get creative was also a challenge.

Fortunately for us, all we needed was some freezer paper and a little face paint to make ourselves more badass than ever on this All Hallows’ Eve. May I present to you, Glenn Danzig and the Misfits’ Crimson Ghost:

My bride-to-be rocked her skeleton onesie and recreated the Crimson Ghost skull on her own beautiful face while I dug out the Doc Martens and busted jeans from my closet, paired with a homemade t-shirt that I made with a freezer-paper stencil and some bleach, some skeleton gloves I got for free with Amazon credit I’d gotten from a milk industry lawsuit and a $2 can of black temporary hair color.

Nobody at the party we went to could name a single Misfits song and the only person there who said they knew who Glenn Danzig was mistakenly thought he was either the singer of Tool or Nine Inch Nails, but we had a great time together like we always do.

Just like we did last Halloween and just like we’ll do next Halloween and every other Halloween after that.

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