Birchbox Man Favorites + The Stuff Of Legends Unboxing

A while back I unboxed my very first Birchbox Man box, The League that came with some moisturizer, cologne, exfoliate, face balm, shot glasses, mason stones, shampoo and conditioner. I said I was going to review those items. I never did.

Last month I received my second Birchbox Man box, The Right Scruff, that included beard wash, beard oil, solid cologne, facial hair scissors and a beard brush. I didn’t even bother posting the unboxing of it.

So to meet in the middle, and before posting the unboxing of this month’s box, I just want to cover some of my favorite items from these previous boxes.

  • Rescue Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser by Suki Skincare.
    October box, The League
    This was an awesome scrub. The sample was enough to last about a week of daily usage so mine lasted just less than two weeks. The scrub felt great on all portions of my face from forehead to my chin under my beard, scrubbing off dead skin and other nastiness, leaving my skin feeling smooth and smelling like lovely (but manly, obviously) citrus.
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  • Facelifting Face Balm by Ursa Major.
    October box, The League
    This was probably my favorite product in the October box. While it seemed a little “greasy” at first, this face balm was just perfect for my sometimes-dry, sometimes-oily skin, leaving my face feeling fresh and properly moisturized. Also, just like the scrub, the aroma from this item was a 10 out of 10, though I cannot accurately describe it.
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  • Beard Wash by Billy Jealousy.
    November box, The Right Scruff
    Something I’ve learned since growing a beard is that merely shampooing with the same “stuff” you shampoo your head with doesn’t always work out great. Your beard can often easily dry out and you’ll smell that shampoo under your nose all day. The formula created by Billy Jealousy is perfect for keeping your beard hydrated, smooth and smelling fantastic.
    Buy it Here
  • Beard Oil by Blackbird.
    November box, The Right Scruff
    I’ve been wanting to experiment with beard oil for some time now and just didn’t know where to start. What Blackbird has done here scares me into thinking that I’ve started out with the best, though. This oil smells great and with just a few droplets into the palm, my beard stays smelling great, looks healthy and stays hydrated all day.
    Buy it Here

And now on to more current things!

This month’s Birchbox Man’s theme is The Stuff of Legends and is meant to make you reminisce on holidays past, the traditions you enjoyed then and the traditions you’ll be beginning anew. A favorite old tradition of mine is the simple Christmas dinner we share with my folks. A favorite newer tradition is our family “ussie” we’ve had for the last decade or so. And my favorite brand new tradition is the annual Christmas party we have with our friends that includes fellowship, food and a silent auction that benefits a local charity. Will this box play a role in any of this year’s traditions?

From left to right:

Beard Oil by Beard Buddy
Awake & Exfoliate Body Bar by Ernest Supplies
Modify Pomade by Hanz de Fuko
Fantastic Face Wash by Ursa Major
3oz Flask by Izola

Right away I’m very excited about the Fantastic Face Wash by Ursa Major since I was such a big fan of their product in the October box. I’m also excited that I received the Hair of the Dog Flask by Izola because I sat around and didn’t respond to the survey on which box “extra” I wanted and all choices were taken up by the time I got around to it – this was the one I wanted anyway!

So, here’s to another month of grooming, holidays, friends, family, food, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, parties and, of course, the Family Force 5 Christmas album and all-around manliness.

Reboot 66 Days Later: Style Upgrades & Birchbox Man Unboxing

One more week – ONE MORE WEEK – until I’m finished with Couch to 5k. One week. One week. The decision has been made to run the Hot to Trot 5K in Turkey Creek on Thanksgiving day, held by local runner’s shop Fleet Feet Sports. I have three workouts – three 5:45am wake ups – 9.3 miles – and I will have finished training. At that point, it’s two months of conditioning and working on time and then the big day arrives. I’m excited, I’m anxious, I’m all to hell. What a weird thing, this 5k business.

In addition to trying to upgrade my health for when I hit the bit 3-0 in December, I’m also in the process of doing some serious upgrades to my style. You’ll probably see some more of this in the next few weeks in the blog or if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Fix the mind, fix the body inside and out, get ready for the next big decade of my life. It’s a great thing because looking great makes me feel great and I’m all about that “retail therapy” business!

Recent additions to the closet this week include these new kicks. Pretty weird because I’m not big on buying new shoes. I love the shoes I have at any given moment but I will usually wear them until they fall apart. This was apparent in the Adidas hemp Sambas with rasta color scheme I wore for years with 2-3 holes in each shoe. I once wore some Rocketdog sneakers so long holes wore out in the bottom and my mother-in-law offered to buy me new shoes. Talk about one of the most embarrassing moments of my life! Anyway, upping my shoe game with the following:

(Left to right) Onitsuka Tigers by Asics and Stafford Deacon wingtip boots from JC Penny.

So if you’re taking care of the inside of your body and you’re dressing it better than you used to, you also need to take care of the outside of your body. In an attempt to get a move on, I’ve subscribed to Birchbox Men: a monthly box subscription service that delivers great grooming supply samples for guys based on a short profile you set up. It’s quick, simple, cheap and, let’s be honest, fun!

I got my first Birchbox Saturday afternoon. The October box is themed after a show I’ve never heard of called The League, so I understand why, but I thought it was a little cheesy to get a box in the mail painted up like a football and addressed to “Hall of Famer Justin Simpson”. Either way I was still eager to get this weird football box open to see what had arrived.

From left to right:
Basics for Men: Ultimate Tough Skin Relief by Beckman
Scent Intense by CoSTUME NATIONAL
Rescue Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser by Suki
Facelifting Face Balm by Ursa Major
“Party Cup” Shot Glasses by Lil’ Reds
Mason Stones by W&P
Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner by Number 4 Hair

Just like yesterday’s Mantry Unboxing Post, I intend to review these items regularly as I get to use them as well as the Birchbox subscription program in general. Thus far I’m pretty impressed with the contents based solely on number and variety!

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