I think it’s interesting how, now that I’m married, people have gotten off my back about “setting a date.”  So why is there so much pressure to have children now?  Is that really what you’re “supposed” to do in life?  I realize the Bible tells you to “be fruitful” and “multiply” and that a child is a symbol of God’s blessing…But when there are so many horrible parents out there not giving their children the attention and love they need and deserve, allowing them to grow up just as bad as them, why is the pressure on me to make more?  If those people who popped out babies right after high school (if even that late in life) get to have children and have the rest of their life pretty much mapped out because of it, why shouldn’t I be able to decide to not have them, based solely on the fact that I simply DO NOT WANT THEM?  You’ll say “kids are great” and “you’ll change your mind eventually” or maybe even “you’re a monster”, but I don’t care…If you want Erin and I to have children so bad, have one for us…and raise it and feed it…and pay for its college…and we’ll call it ours when we’re decrepit and need assisted living.  Thanks!

Totally unrelated to that rant, but totally related to my haiku today, here’s Dio:

Enjoy today’s haiku (and quote from a friend of mine)

Why would I want to
See an overweight, female
Ronnie James Dio?


  1. In a mans life he must find the meaning of his life. Mine was my babegirl, but yours is diffrent but you must find it your self, and it will change your life for ever!


  2. the choice to have kids, or not, rests solely upon the ones whose decision it is. as in…nobody can make this choice, one way or another, except you and er-bear. so don’t worry what anyone else says, or thinks, or implies. you gotta do what’s right for YOU, and anyone who can’t understand that… *rolls eyes


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