[photo post] Random Shots from Family Christmas

The title says random and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. As most of you know by now I’m not exactly into taking family portraits so what we have below are mostly shots of my parents’ dog, Chico. Also below: My sister playing Watch Ya Mouth, my gran’s profile, my mom-in-law brushing her dog, Casper, and one of several shots I took while playing with light trails using my in-laws’ Christmas lights.

I don’t want to make a post where I run down all of the gifts I received, but I did acquire a few new toys for my camera that will likely get their own post. The photos below were taken with my new 85mm lens (a birthday present to myself) that will also make an appearance in a later post once I get some more sample photos taken with it.

While I don’t have family portraits to share and I’m not sharing my list of new goodies, I do want to say that I’m very fortunate. Moving away from Kingsport was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I honestly have no desire to ever live there again. Living away from family has had many benefits, not least of which is staying away from all family-related drama. But although our families have drama, we have wonderful families. I have the greatest parents and in-laws on the planet and could never ask for better. They’re beautiful people whom I love very much. This year was the first year since moving away from home I had a truly difficult time leaving them. I’ve felt pretty low lately and it was great to be reminded of the amazing people in my life that support me from afar.

That was a total cheesefest. Let’s get on with the photos. Y’all know the deal — get the high-res versions and a few extras on my Flickr account.

One more quick thing: below is our annual crazy family photo, the quality of which has been greatly improved thanks to the invention of the selfie stick. I’ve also included a short video of my folks being cute. Enjoy!


Christmas 2014 in Pictures

Well, we’ve done it again. Another year of yuletide joy has come and gone. As per usual, Erin and I hit the Tri-Cities in full holiday force with all the snark, joy and bourbon stashed in a flask that you could ask for. Obviously my DSLR was beside me for most of the trip and I kept snapping, though what I captured was hardly standard family holiday fare; rather, it appears that all I really want to do is photograph the dogs and that’s okay.

Before I get on with the photos I wanted to celebrate a few gifts my folks got me fresh from my Amazon wish list:

  • NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable Ultra-High Power Digital Camera LED Light (like this one)
  • TASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder (like this one)
  • Opteka RC-4 Wireless Remote Control (Like this one)

These were all on my wishlist as they’re hopefully going to help me finally get going on this documentary I want to try out for my tattoo shop and frequent blog topic 2 Ton Gallery in Kingsport, TN. Just a few more things left and I can actually start. I’m sort-of nervous, sort of PUMPED!

Anyway, on with the holiday photos. As usual, you can find the whole set on my Flickr account.

Also, a nice family photo taken by my parents:


And finally, a few selections from Instagram:

Christmas Card Photo Session

The dogs are dorks but we love ’em. A lot of you will have the finished product in your homes very soon if not already. If you didn’t get one: better luck next year, I suppose! I also feel that I should state that there are more photos of the Beest because Trudy doesn’t like the camera. She’s a serious diva and I’m serious paparazzi. Also included are some shots of the tree and our other Christmas decor.