Screenplay update:

Nothing. Absolutely nothing to report. Mostly because I finished the rough draft yesterday, and although that was technically a day earlier than this “guide” I’ve been reading, one must keep in mind that I was shooting for a 90 page screenplay and the guide tries to take you to 120. 120 would be great but I felt it was a little too much to shoot for in my first attempt. Not a good attitude, I know, but to make up for it, I just researched and found out that the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship (“what’s a fellow ship?” “It’s a gay bar down on 9th. Are you thanking the Lord for a nautically themed gay bar?”) of the Ring was only 118 pages, which throws that “one page of screenplay equals 1 minute of screen time” rule right out the window.

In order to keep up with the schedule given to me, I should actually take a 2 day “off day” and rest tomorrow, too, but it will never get written if I take more than 1 day off. The read through is tomorrow and my brave wife will be tackling it with me, tell me how bad of a writer I have become. She will be very pretty while saying these ugly words, though, rest assured.

More news on the Lord of the Rings in the coming days, just no time / desire to write about it tonight. Enjoy the evening, children of the night.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

My dear friend pizza
Why must you be so tasty?
Must have you cut out!

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