Why do people leave their buggies in places other than the place they’re supposed to put them at Wal-Mart?  Why are people so interested in the lives of celebrities?  Why is Chick-fil-a overrun with middle aged, fairly wealthy, make-up heavy, Christian women?  Why is the Apple Store so much like a giant music video?  Question of the day:  Why do people stand and look at the snow with someone else and have quite possibly the most generic conversation ever?  “It’s snowing” “Well it sure is” “I saw snow this one time” “Oh yeah, I remember that snow” “snow” “snow” “snow” “I know what ya mean”…

Enjoy today’s Haiku:

It’s snowing outside.
Yep.  Yup.  Yep.  Yup.  Yep.  Yup.  Yep.
Yup.  Yep, it sure is.

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