Today is the 14th haiku…that means I’ve successfully made it 2 weeks into this.  They say doing something 21 days in a row creates a positive habit.  One more week and I’ll have a haiku habit…That sounds neat, I wish I would’ve thought of that before I named my blog…How am I doing at all of my other resolutions?  Well…I come up with great song ideas, but I don’t write them down…I come up with great lyrics for a song or a poem…but I don’t write it down…I think of great ideas for a painting or a drawing…but I don’t draw or paint them…And I have some great ideas for some short fiction, but you guessed it, I never write them down.  I bought a small yellow notepad a couple months ago with the sole reason to write stuff like this down…and I don’t use it.  At least I’ve written a haiku a day for 2 weeks and I’ve lost 11 lbs…Even though I had pizza for lunch today.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Ordering pizza
Isn’t such a big deal, right?
There goes the diet!

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