My uncle and I once had a conversation about how negative a lot of people are.  We couldn’t quite understand why this was the case, especially with several folks in our own family, my father’s side especially.  Sure, if you were to confront them about it, the only thing you would accomplish is an argument about how “no [they’re] not” or “[they’re] just being realistic.”  I’d really like to know how to go about finding the reason for their negativity without causing an argument or totally cutting off relations from even more of my family.

As you may have noticed, I have recently become reoriented with my spiritual self through support of my wife, our new church, largely by music and most importantly, God’s grace.  I found that if you’re seeking truth, understanding, a clear conscience and an all out better life, the opportunity has always been there, it’s just a matter of acknowledging it, believing in it and trusting it, whether or not you understand any of it.  I’ve made peace with that and while I do not want to turn this blog into a pulpit and I’m certainly not wanting to come across as a bible thumper, but I want everyone to understand that my faith is in the one true LORD, our mutual Father and the only hope we really need.

I bring this up because I’ve always thought my family (both sides) were fairly strong in their faith.  Negativity in the past has proven otherwise, however.  I want my family to know that God is in control of everything and if their faith is placed in him and not human hands, then God’s grace will take over and our faith will be rewarded.  I’m not saying that I’m a model of spiritual living because if anyone, I especially, will tell you who’s imperfect, it’s certainly me, but it breaks my heart to see their thoughts and faithless actions when I’ve thought of them otherwise for so long.  I can pray for them (and I hope they pray for me, Lord knows I need it) every night, but I know the only way for them to embrace a more positive life, they have to actually want it and welcome it and the Holy Spirit into their lives.

My thoughts go out to my cousin Matt, his wife Tina and their newborn baby boy Nathan who is having some medical issues at the moment.  But my prayers go further than a Facebook status and I’m confident that the Lord is going to take good care of him.

One love.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I am surrounded by it
I will not succomb


  1. Justin, I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I had no idea you were so spiritual! I guess I just assumed you weren’t, although looking back, I have no evidence for that assumption. This has caused me to rethink my judgements. Anyhoo, I’m glad to know that you dig God!! Where are ya’ll going to church?


    • Well, to be honest, I’ve always been rather spiritual, I’ve just never really limited myself like most christians have. I don’t view other religions, even the “religion” of not having a religion, as wrong or necessarily bad. I’ve only recently been brought back into the light of our God and have embraced the feeling I get when I acknowledge His existence and apply His teachings to my life. So, to sum it up, I’m no more spiritual than I’ve ever been, it’s just a bigger part of my life now. No offense taken, by the way. I try to not come across as a Christian, not because I’m ashamed, I just consider myself a follower of Jesus, not a member of a religion.

      For the record, we’ve been attending Faith Promise Church in Knoxville right off Pellissippi Parkway. It’s really been instrumental in my spiritual growth and a very neat and fun place to go. You should come with us sometime?!


  2. right on. i feel much the same way. i just don’t feel compelled to shout scriptures on street corners. if you want to ask me about God, i’ll tell you everything i know, but i’ve been somewhat burned by evangelism. i’ve heard of faith promise. i just might come with you someday. i go to st. paul united methodist, when I go.

    renewed faith is an awesome feeling! may God bless you!!


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