As stated in a previous blog, I’m rewarding myself with a small collection of recording equipment once I’ve lost a certain amount of weight.  I’m doing this with intentions of producing some better quality recordings for my Kill The Ghoul! project and mostly for producing some quality recordings for Ashe5String. I see creating music as a spiritual experience, whether it be writing, playing or just listening to it. I’ve recently been moved to play folk music and have some great ideas for some songs…Ya know, I just don’t write them down. I also don’t get to play guitar as often as I’d like. A busy routine will do that to you, I guess. Either way, some (hopefully) awesome folk/rock type recordings from Ashe5String are only about 10lbs away. Protect your ears, boys and girls, protect your ears.

Here’s a video from a band I’ve recently gotten into rather fiercely: Monsters of Folk

Enjoy today’s (related) haiku:

You gotta write songs
To become a song writer
I’ve written nothing

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