I hate the Grammys.  I seriously don’t have any idea why I continue to watch them.  Every year I’m disgusted at how the folks who truly deserve to win usually get snubbed.  This year’s was no exception.  I won’t deny that I’m a big fan of Lady GaGa (who put on a killer performance, I might add) so it goes without saying that I was rather appalled at how she got turned down time after time after time…and to make it even worse, she was losing to Taylor Swift?  Who is she?  Ooooh, I remember, she’s the teenage ho-bag that’s been around the block several times and thinks she’s cute for wearing a guitar.  Seriously, when she stands on stage, she holds that guitar, which is usually 2 times too big for her, and stares ahead, dazed, almost as if she’s unaware of where this wooden thing came from or what she’s supposed to do with it.

I do not, have not and will not understand the appeal of Taylor Swift.  She screams “I’m just a cute teenage rival of Hannah Montana that claims to write her own songs…But I’m just a pop country product”  Dumb, I can’t stand her, and that’s all I’ll say about her.

Aside from the obvious distaste I have for one of the biggest winners at the show, there were some strong points, mostly from the live performances…Zac Brown Band really blew me away, flat picking like a mad-man in the closing seconds of their performance.  Dave Matthews Band has always been wonderful and their performance last night was nothing less than stellar.  The Black Eyed Peas weren’t too bad, although I’ve seen them do quite a bit better in other places…I’ll end my review of the Grammys by saying that Lil Wayne’s performance at the end of the night (with the phenomenal Travis Barker on drums) might’ve been pretty good…but us home viewers will never know.  Censorship is the devil.  I’d hate for my kids to hear the same things they hear at school during the day.  While we’re at it, let’s try our best to shelter our kids and ignore their sexual desires and curiosities with the hope that they’ll just go away until they’re old enough to deal with them themselves…Else we’ll just have to blame Marilyn Manson again…That’s a rant for another day.

Then I’ll end with a spiritual haiku…Go figure.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

God gave me music
Music is how I worship
Praise Him with the strings!


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