I’ve been sick several times in my life. I’ve gotten car sick. I’ve experienced car sickness. I’ve gotten sick on some food. I’ve gotten sick before I ate some food. Because of the latter, I can no longer eat at Quizno’s or Mexican restaurants (and most fast food for that matter). I’ve gotten sick of life. I’ve told the corny Combined Insurance Joke: “We’ll pay you if you’re sick, we’ll even pay you if you’re sick and tired, how’s that?!!? hahahaha!! Seriously, we don’t do that…” More than anything, as of late, though, I’ve gotten major league sick of humans. Especially patriotic American obese humans.

Here are my gripes collected into one paragraph: racism, sexism and homophobia are nothing at all but ignorance and is completely intolerable. Ignorance surly is bliss and I’ve found it’s the American way. The television is a tool of satan and keeps you glued to your ass, causing you to become a zombie and a robot, unable to form an individual thought and without the ability to speak correctly. If you’re fat, you do not have a disability. Stop taking people’s wheelchairs and their parking places. You’re probably smoking and raiding the Golden Corral on a regular basis. If you eat a salad with your meal, it doesn’t mean you’re eating healthy, or even healthier. I have no tolerance for hatred, yet I hate these people. Call it a double standard, I don’t care. End rant.

Deal with (and enjoy) today’s haiku

I’m very sorry
I cheated on my diet
I hate fat people


  1. haha! I almost feel like you’re talking about me! except I don’t steal wheelchairs or parking spots! but, its ok, I know exactly what you mean!!


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