For starters, I’ll tell you that I’ve been working (kinda) hard on a mobile version of the Saturday Night Grindhouse website. If you have a mobile device (or even if you don’t!) go to www.saturdaynightgrindhouse.com and check it out! Let me know what you cats think!

In other news, I’m planning out a ska themed half sleeve tattoo on my right arm (already marked by a “rude boy”).  I’m in talks with two different artists about it…We’ll see which one responds (and therefore gets my $$$ to do it).  I’ll be sure to post any and all progress here when that does take place.

Finally, I’ll close with the story behind today’s haiku.  Coming down Kingston Pike this afternoon on my way home after work, I witnessed an elderly couple driving something like a Rav-4 or something cut off another older gentleman driving a Lincoln Towncar or something equally boat-sized.  The boat captain blew his horn at the couple, who were originally in the far right lane and in the time ship boy blew his horn had changed into the left lane and were now in the turning lane to head down Lovell Rd.  Captain Horn Blower sped up to get beside these folks, who then rolled their passenger window down and delivered a FANTASTIC bird.  The ship then slowed down and swerved over behind the couple in the turning lane, then blew his horn again and ended his show by motioning for them to get off the road with his hands…Crazy enough story, but it gets better.  Boat man had a custom license plate…It read “EZ DUZ IT”

Enjoy today’s haiku:

“Hey, easy does it!”
Says the grouch on Kingston Pike
Who just got the bird

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