Erin and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day by coming home from our Valentine’s getaway in the smokies…eating a heart shaped pizza and watching a movie in our jams…That’s the good stuff, if you ask me.  Also, if you ask me, if the sign says “Left Lane Closed” that generally means that the left lane is closed.  However, for most knuckleheads in the south, especially those with big trucks, this means “Speed down the left lane, endangering your life, other people’s lives, and your children’s lives (because I know these rednecks have at least 3-5 children…that’s what you’re supposed to do when you get out of high school…that and talk about your old football days and what a star you were…Ahh, Bud Light…) make an ass of yourself, then come to a screeching halt at the point where the lane actually ends, then road rage when nobody let’s your inbred self over.”  We witnessed several instances of this this passed weekend with frequent road closings due to rock slides and the like…I wanted them to hit the the ditch so bad…Either way, here’s some photos:

Almost forgot…Enjoy today’s haiku:

Big man in a truck
no patience and small penis
big tires compensate

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