In case you didn’t know, my experimental music project Kill The Ghoul! has been working on a John Wayne Gacy concept album, simply entitled JWG. Tentative track list is as follows:

  1. “Pogo The Clown” (already recorded)
  2. “34” (already recorded)
  3. “Killer Clown” Written, not recorded, more below
  4. “Sissy”
  5. “Prostitution, Pornography and Drugs
  6. “Rape and Torture”
  7. “Chloroformed” (already recorded)
  8. “Running a Cemetery Without a License” (The name of my poetry book)
  9. “Gacy’s Brain”

I’ve also already made up a possible cover image:

JWG Cover Art

Also, wanna share the latest Gacy lyrics (wrote them moments ago, actually)

“Killer Clown” by Kill The Ghoul!

Killer clown
Killer clown
Please don’t kill me
For I’m young and I’m studly
and I know that you love me
Please don’t kill me

Killer clown
Killer clown
Take these handcuffs off now
For my obituary
Is not necessary
Please take these handcuffs off

Killer clown
Killer clown
Oh killer clown please
Killer clown
Killer clown
Killer clown, I can’t breathe

Finally, enjoy today’s haiku:

So we considered
changing last names to Munster
still considering

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