Hoarders hoarding wine bottles and kitty cats. I don’t know you, Ms. Rupe so how do you know that I’m awesome? Pretty lame that Vimeo doesn’t give you a very good deal unless you pay for it so although I’m going to continue to use my free vimeo account, I’m probably gonna stick with YouTube. You hate those animations I make with DoodleBuddy but I’m going to continue making them. I’m also going to make a mask soon, bet your ass I will. I will paint something soon, I will draw something soon and I will sculpt something soon. Subject matter? Not sure. Medium? I’m not sure either. I will finish those pieces of fiction I’ve been meaning to start on or complete, just not anytime soon it doesn’t seem. It’s not my fault the work I’m doing has turned into something people really want to see. I say this after another record breaking day on the NEDC Blog. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you probably should. While I’m on the subject, I’ll add that I’m also going to actually get a good design for Screens and Spleens that everyone will agree on and I’m about to get my tattoo started by Mr. Rob Jarrett at 2Ton in Kingsport. I keep saying that I’m going to post the source photos and I still plan on doing it, but we haven’t gotten my pin up design 100% perfect. Love God and Love People and nowhere in that statement does it say “Love your apartment” and that’s cool because my apartment has officially pissed me off. If I can’t wash my clothes tomorrow I’m going to freak out a little bit. I think my nose is cleared up, at last, and my headache has gone away, but it took an hour of lounging on the couch watching TV shows about people with bigger problems than I have. Hoarders Hoarding wine bottles and kitty cats.

Days till closing: 23

Enjoy today’s haiku:

An extra pillow
Stopped my snoring for one night
Now it’s getting worse*

*I’m sick

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