Our last day of April marks the 117th haiku this year.  Just saying…That’s awesome, and I won’t mention it again until we hit 150.

In a nutshell, today:

I slept wonderfully, Trudy chewed up my mouthpiece, work was slow, started another fight on Facebook (lame), we left early, I ate a McDonald’s cheeseburger for the first time this year, I wound our hose up and after I finished realized I didn’t do it right but just left it until tomorrow because it looks like I’ve done something today, found out my man Ali at the BP station on Kingston Pike doesn’t work 24 hours a day like I had originally thought, we hit World’s Fair Park to see Flogging Molly, who were wonderful, but we had to be surrounded by retarded college kids and a set by Asher Roth (who was fiercely bad…Erin and I agreed that if a Roth had to open, why couldn’t it be Diamond Dave?), bought a new mouthpiece, saw the cast of Glee at IHOP, boiled my mouthpiece and now it’s time for bed.

What did I learn today?  The only thing I hate worse than high school kids is college kids.  And for the record, I hated them while I was in college as well.  Please, current college kids, do everything Asher Roth says.  I don’t want the whore in the yellow dress to have an STD by the end of the night, but chances are, it will happen.  Truth hurts.

Here’s some Flogging Molly, not from tonight’s show, of course:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

“I’m a college kid
Give me beer, weed and frisbee
and a Polo…please”

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