So it’s May 1.  Incredible.  Erin told me that May 4th was Star Wars Day…”May the Fourth…be with you…”  That’s goofball brothers but if you’re like me and have never heard that, I hope you thought it was as adorable as I did.

Without going into much detail (as I’m sitting in the floor typing this because I have nothing to sit on in the studio and Erin’s watching that wacky vampire show on the iMac upstairs), I’ll throw this at you:

I love my wife.

I love my tattoos.

Today I talked to my dad for the first time in 14 years.

The yard has finally been mowed.

Nightmare on Elm Street was awesome, and anyone who says it is not is just trying to sound “hardcore” by saying they liked Freddy when he was “underground.”  As true fans of the original, Erin and I both really enjoyed this one.  Go see it.

Apparently I saw a different movie from the folks behind me in the theater.  I watched Nightmare on Elm Street while they apparently were watching Comedy on Elm Street.

There’s an ant crawling up my blinds, so I’m signing off.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Jackie Earle Haley
Played a damn fine Fred Kreuger
Better lock your door!

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