A slacker I am, I am.  A slacker I am, I am.  A slacker I am, I am, I am.  A slacker I am, I am.

On January 4th, 2010, I started handwriting all of my haikus into a a composition book.  It looks pretty cool.  Looked, at least.  On April 28, 2010, I apparently stopped writing them in the book.  My plan was to cover every inch of this book with sketches, scribbles and words.  And now it’s been over a week since I’ve written in it.  Lame-o, lame-o.

My Rob Zombie story got turned in today at the Metro Pulse.  I think it should be up after the first of the week or so.  I’ll definitely be telling everyone when it gets there.

Be on the lookout and…

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I drink too much pop
But the kidney stone seems gone
So let’s make one more!

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