I may be wrong, but I think Erin and I have gone to AdventureCon every summer since we’ve been together. This is a convention that for the most part is all-encompassing. Comics, sci-fi, horror, gaming, role playing, you name it, it’s represented there in some form. Then add the celebrity list that graces the convention every year and you have a majorly scaled down version of DragonCon, one of the biggest cons in the country of the year. We’ve seen it in good times and bad (the worst being last October’s travesty, the first time it was held at the Grand Resort Convention Center in Pigeon Forge -it was usually held in the convention center in downtown Knoxville.) We’ve gone just to see stuff, we’ve gone to put on a show, we’ve gone dressed up, we’ve gone dressed down, we’ve gone and spent a ton of money, we’ve gone and spent no money at all (aside from entry) but never have we ever worked inside. Until today.

Thanks to our homie Jeff and Dead Man’s Farm, we were able to represent the Farm as part of the Tennessee Screams booth, which represents a variety of haunts in this region. We got the opportunity to jump and and say hey to others interested in this effort, meet some of the people we’ll be working with at the Farm as well as those working at the other haunts and…get in free. This means that we were able to spend a little bit of extra money, which was rad. Ooh, and we got to play with blood :-D

After a quick run to the Goodwill last time we were in Bristol, E and I were able to rack up on some pretty rad clothing for this occasion, including a cool, but ugly, blue plaid skirt and a Ketron High School class of 1980 10 year reunion t-shirt. Without going into detail I’ll say that it was a bit of a hassle this morning as we weren’t totally prepared to be in costume this morning so we had to just roll with what we had, which included some scarring liquid and some new stage blood I picked up last weekend, which I’ve never used (I’ve used the squirt blood in the past). Photos of what we created will be included at the bottom of this post…

So what did we see at the con? In a nutshell (and paragraph): People who have already been by our booth, stuff we didn’t need but bought anyway, overpriced action figures, overpriced movies, several talented artists, Deep Roy, Ted Debiase, some killer costumes and a super cute girl with cool eyelashes that steals the show every time she wears them (and who married me :-) ). Highlights include being so ugly that a little girl was near tears and was forced to look away, hanging out in the bathroom with Batman, two little girls who both asked “Mommy, why does he have holes in his clothes?”, having our photo taken several times and encountering a team of plagiarizers who tried to act “above” me and happy that I’m not currently working in horror, but were obviously intimidated and guilty.

It seemed to be a very successful year at AdventureCon. We were able to see a lot of people to get the word out about our cause, we spent a little bit of money and we saw several of our friends. After a long shower to get the blood out of my hair / chest / arms, we capped our night off with sushi and Dunkin’s. I love Knoxville. Mucho.


And just because I’m listening to them right now:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Showbread’s next album
Is being released for free
Glad to say I helped!

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