Once again, I’m backing out on the zombie post, as I’m looking for a time when I can really spend some time on it before I make it.

I’m sitting in the office at home. I’ve been listening to Rob Zombie and Lady Gaga this afternoon and a storm is somewhat softly drifting through west Knoxville. The rain is coming and going. The news of Gary Coleman passing away this afternoon is fresh on my mind, however, his death has sparked a new chain of thought, as I remember that Slipknot’s bassist Paul Gray was found dead in a hotel room earlier this week. Paul Gray. Ronnie James Dio a couple of days ago, Peter Steele last month and the Rev at the end of ’09. What a sad year it’s been already for heavy metal. Here are some goodies in tribute–>

RIP Peter Steele


RIP Paul
This vid is bad ass = my fav. slipknot song :-)


Enjoy today’s haiku:

When I made it home
Trudy smelled like big dog shit
Still stinks after bath?

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