A week that includes a day that saw a nearly free water bill, new phones and 4 free muffins from Mimi’s Cafe simply because it was our first time there, has got to put Erin and I in the running for the Best Week Ever. Just sayin’.

I plan on going to bed soon, some because I need some sleep, some because I want to read a little before bed, but mostly because I want to play on the new Droid I got tonight. This actually means that more than likely, the first two “go to bed” reasons will be void and probably will not be taking place.

I also realize that 2 days ago I posted a disclaimer telling you to read “tomorrow’s blog” which was technically yesterday’s blog and it was going to be about zombies. 2 days later and I still haven’t delivered a blog about zombies. Whatever. I’ll shoot for that tomorrow assuming everything goes smoothly and exactly according to plan (whatever that means). Speaking of zombies, someone found my blog today by searching for “Sherie (sic) Moon Zombie Wear Pants With The B…” The ellipsis more than likely wasn’t part of the search terms, it’s just all WordPress will let me see. Still pretty rad that people find my blog searching for such odd things. I already miss the days when they find me by searching for porn. If that’s how you’re reading this today, thanks, and if this blog does anything for you to assist you, I’d actually like to know about it. Just drop me a line sometime.

Just don’t be too graphic.

Okay, go ahead and be graphic.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

The Google Android
At least it doesn’t have a
Dumb windows logo

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