Burgers on the grill tonight with sauteed mushrooms and onions…


No carrot sticks today, however…thank God.

So I found out today that I maaaaay be getting in to the Dark Sorcery issue of Morpheus Tales, which is cool because I’ve submitted to them several times and have never gotten in. Have I actually found a little bit of talent? Here’s to hoping so, more at 11.

California comes up next week, I’ll still be posting and will be uploading photos to Facebook like a madman more than likely. If you read this and you’re not my friend on Facebook, you need to change that.


Eat that up. That goes for you, too, Berry.

I started playing Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link online today and it drove me crazy because nearly 20 years later and I still cannot figure the game out. I made it a point to buy Wii “points” tonight just so I could download it on the Wii so I could play it anytime. I will beat that game, even if it takes another 20 years. Count on that.

“If this ol’ house could talk all it would say is ‘welcome home’ ”

Enjoy today’s haiku:

So tomorrow starts
My first official screenplay
Will probably suck

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